Verna Campsite, located at 875 meters above sea level, it acquires his name from the nearby hamlet of Verna of Cumiana. The Campsite is a paradise for those who like to spend some time in relaxation, fully immersed in the green and natural surroundings of the foot of the mountain Piedmont land. 
In the soothing cool breeze of the campsite evenings, those who love to ride the many foot tracks that lead to the near mountain peaks, easily reached even by the less experienced excursionist, but at the same time also full of climbing sheers accessible only by the most experts, will find here an excellent accommodation place. 

Mountain-Bike Cycle paths of the “Marca Pinerolese” circuit mark their traces on the map only a few meters away from the campsite and there are also paths, both within the marked trails or in the wild, to cater for any level and skill of bikers. 
It is not unusual for a hiker traveling on one of the many paths around the campsite, to bump into some of the numerous wild animals that live in the woods, such as roe dear, badger, boar, foxes. While out and about, you could drink from a fresh and soothing water spring that are frequent in the area.

Nearby villages of  Pinerolo, Frossasco, Cantalupa, Giaveno, Avigliana e Cumiana, offer abundant range of tourist and leisure activities that range from Curling, that is a recently imported sport to our city of Pinerolo during the latest winter Olympic games of Turin 2006, to the swimming and leisure pools, skying tracks, talc mine, para-shooting area, Fenestrelle fort, Sacra of Saint Michael, Avigliana lakes, and of-course, the world known cavalry of Pinerolo, and many other fun activities.
The nearby city of Turin, reachable with just over 40 minutes drive, offers all the amenities that only the first Capital of Italy, former home of king of Italy before it became the primary world known industrial center, can offer.
From its prestigious baroque architectural treasures, the royal palaces; for too many years blurred-out by the industrial frenetic activities, all the way to the romantic arcade walks, Turin is able to astonish even the most demanding tourist that knows how to appreciate the charm of a tradition that has deep roots as far back as centuries of glorious history of this land. Verna Campsite is located in a central point to all of these and, from here, it is possible to reach Pinerolo and Turin in only some minutes drive.

Morning 08:30 – 11.30
Afternoon 15:30 – 19:30 (in case of special requirements for later than 19:00 please call-in to arrange the late arrival)

Strada Verna 37
Cumiana (TO)


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