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Jesolo (or Iesolo) is a town and comune in the province of Venice, Italy.



The town lies north of Venice, between Eraclea and Cavallino-Treporti. Jesolo gives its name to a lagoon (22 km²) on the Adriatic Sea, between the rivers Sile and Piave. The urbanized area lies on an island of sorts, delimited by the riversPiave (at east), the Sile (at west), and an artificial canal called 'Cavetta'.


In Roman times the lagoon extended over the area now occupied by the town. There were several islands in the lagoon, the biggest of which was known as Equilium, the place of horses. It is thought that Jesolo represents a corruption of this name.


The city's economy is mostly based on tourism. Jesolo is a famous seaside resort thanks to its abundant holiday facilities and its 15 km beach called Lido di Jesolo. At the height of its touristic life, Jesolo was hosting 6 million tourists per year. Currently these have dropped to around 4.5 million tourists per year due to the competition from new resort towns.

Notable people

Petrus de Natalibus (d. circa 1400), bishop of Equilio from 1370 to his death, and author who compiled the widely circulated book Legends of the Saints.


Football teams:

A.C. Jesolo

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